3G – Moabit geht an die Decke

Temporary installation in an empty shop as part of 3G-SHOP

Moabit geht an die Decke shows a working place for young people. A distorted perspective allows the viewer to become a voyeur of this inspiring room.

3G shop is a series of artistic interventions in empty shops in Berlin´s district of Moabit, developed in different phases: research, production and impact. Firstly, we hosted a two-day workshop with the locals, where we collected impressions, ideas and needs, alongside discussing different possibilities for local development. During these meetings we tried to merge individual wishes with collective needs for that specific neighborhood. This time was dedicated to research, conceptual definitions and interchange with the neighbors. After that, i Collective’s team analyzed the ideas that came out during the meetings and proposed an installation in order to imaginatively recreate it.


Valeria Schwarz

Betiana Bellofatto, Jan Fischer, Valeria Schwarz

Neighbors of Moabit-Ost

Produced by
iCollective e.V.

Supported by
Programm Soziale Stadt (EU, Bund und Land Berlin)

Berlin, GER, 2012

3G – Moabit geht an die Decke projects